Bands love to talk about honesty. Their upcoming release contains the most honest songs that they have ever written. Likely, it will not be nearly as honest as their future releases, provided they endure that long. These incremental gains in purported “honesty” immunize fans against such declarations, and continuously devalue the true essence of honesty in music. The American music scene is experiencing an “honesty” bubble, and all bubbles are bound to burst. It’s no surprise that this buzzword is so oft overused. In a world abounding with fake news, obscene counts of digital friends with whom we never speak, and days consumed with reading the opinions of people that we don’t care about, people are clamoring for any shred of honesty they can find.

The Color Nothing is over it.

“Here’s some honesty for you. Nobody cares what we think, and we do not allow ourselves to care what anyone else thinks,” says vocalist Christopher Leonardis. “People either enjoy our music or do not. We only write what we would enjoy listening to. We’re worn down, past the point of caring. This band is never going to pay our bills better than our day jobs, and we’re not going to pretend otherwise. That might seem pessimistic, but it’s not. The realization of that is freeing. We’ve harnessed that freedom, and we’ve become indestructible. The only people we care to impress are ourselves.”

This sense of freedom and invincibility has allowed The Color Nothing to endure through some major setbacks to write some of their most adventurous material yet.

Shortly after the release of their 2013 debut EP, drummer Keith Bevacqui announced that he would be joining the Air National Guard, a move that would paralyze most other bands. Around this time, guitarist Tony Coon departed as well. The band continued as a four piece, taking extended hiatuses as Bevacqui’s military deployments dictated, and released the single “Motel Bible” in 2014. Then, in 2015, while recording a new single, Leonardis was severely injured in a motorcycle accident, sidelining him for months. “I literally had to learn to walk again,” Leornardis describes, “I was in the hospital for months dealing with complication after complication.” Soon after being discharged, Dan Mannix, a longtime friend of the band and former drummer/songwriter of Bad Mask was added to the lineup in late 2015.

Armed with a new sense of direction and filled with the fervor and frustration of persistent setbacks, The Color Nothing resumed writing in earnest in 2016, including rewriting the 2015 unreleased single. What emerged from this year of writing were four new songs that channeled the rage of chronic loss and setbacks set to the score of ambitious songwriting that ignored the calls of accessibility that contemporaries were heeding. The new songs were more ferocious, more technical, and more chaotic than the band’s previous releases. As they prepared to enter the studio in early 2017, longtime friends in New Jersey deathcore outfit Depreciator approached the band about releasing a split. Depreciator had just finished four new songs themselves. Throughout 2017, both bands worked together to create NULL/VOID, an 8-song split, produced and mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation Studios (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure, The Misfits).

NULL/VOID, scheduled for release on Halloween, is the result of many months of hard work and evokes a wide array of emotions, tackling a diversity of subject matter. Acceptance of the comfort that comes with the inevitable answer to the question of whether there is merit to continued human existence. A hospital room fever dream punctuated by intense loss, fear, and hatred. The stark duality displayed through lust’s power to create or destroy, and our unwitting complicity. The inescapable sensation that our pasts and genetic material override who we are and ever can be. These are the themes The Color Nothing explore on NULL/VOID, all delivered against the backdrop of a soundtrack that frantically veers between unapologetic chaos, haunting and bittersweet ambience, and punishing fury.

Several years of suffering through the forced pragmatism and dark surreality of reality has wizened The Color Nothing. Caution and care have been thrown to the wind. NULL/VOID heralds this triumphant return.

Fans of The Chariot’s fiery intensity, Fear Before The March Of Flames bold experimentation, Dillinger Escape Plan’s explosive compositions, or the reverb drenched undertones of Circa Survive will all feel right at home with The Color Nothing.

The Color Nothing is:

Christopher Leonardis – Vocals
Mathew Quigley – Guitar
Dan Mannix – Guitar
Christian Casteel – Bass/Samples
Keith Bevacqui – Drums