“I literally lost everything in the past year and this music has been both my way of escaping and documenting the journey.”

Loss leads to the birth of new ideas. The retreat into one’s own mind generates a setting ripe for the incubation of those ideas. That is exactly what happened for Jersey Shore experimental metal band The Color Nothing. Lead vocalist, Christopher Leonardis recalls beginning anew during a time when so much was in disarray. “The unifying theme between us all was that we were all at a different stage of some struggle. Reassembling the pieces of our lives in very different ways has helped us, I think, with approaching our music from outside of the box.”

It also helped to forge an extremely aggressive sound. But aggression is not the only mood found in the band’s debut release. The loss of parents, the ravaging of homes and possessions by Hurricane Sandy, and struggles with mental health all coalesce, lending gloomy desperation and bittersweet introspection to The Color Nothing’s sound. Produced by Jesse Cannon (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure, Senses Fail), the band’s five-song self-titled EP, delicately treads the grey area between ferocity, complexity, beauty, and chaos. This blend creates a sound that sets itself apart from the generic metal tone we have all come to know.

Formed from past members of Twilight City Fracture, The Pick Up, and Pillars of Violence, the group draws on their past experiences to up the ante and make something worthwhile and lasting. The band is working hard, gearing up for a Fall 2013 release, and they feel more than ready. “All of the experience we’ve had in previous bands, and everything we had to overcome while making this record – those things pushed us and pushed us so that we would rise to this very occasion,” says Leonardis.

Fans of The Chariot’s fiery intensity, Fear Before The March Of Flames experimentation, Dillinger Escape Plan’s deep compositions, or the reverb drenched undertones of Circa Survive will all feel right at home with The Color Nothing.

The Color Nothing is:

Christopher Leonardis – Vocals
Mathew Quigley – Guitar
Dan Mannix – Guitar
Christian Casteel – Bass/Samples
Keith Bevacqui – Drums