• Released: October 31st, 2017
  • Produced by: Jesse Cannon



Permadeath/Welcomed Ends

This is the scene that sets the premise.
Maybe I should keep my head held high,
While my body keeps slamming into brick walls.
I am. I am not. I am not then. I. I am not. I am not now. I am not. I am not ever. I am vacant.
Who here has anything waiting for you?!
Have any of us planned for a future beyond the end of the American century?!
This is the end.
Let it sink it.
The creeping regret.
The hallelujah chorus.
I have become obsessed.
The parameters have been set.
The future is bright for all of those who have nothing to leave behind.
I can’t lie…I know that sound.
The itch we just can’t reach.
The taste we’ll refuse to swallow.
A fuck we can’t recall.
A face painted in vomit.

Geometric Dilemma

They cut me.
Ruined me.
Ended me.
Isolated me.
Blood sucker.
Come inside.
Lost in the oblivion of a chemical high.
Was never enough.
“Please sir, what’s all the screaming for?”
Hypnotic. Euphoric.
I can’t say that I wish that you were here – the rapist of every wet dream.
I cut out everything I ever loved
For a ghost of who I once was.
Get the fuck away from me.
Second hand choke me, my morphine queen.
I need someone to die young with me.
Code blues and been-around beds.
I’m looking forward to dreaming.
Seizures and flower displays.
Am I dead, or…
I’ve lost and found more rituals from the future
To put heaven in a tourniquet.
I’m a stranger here myself,
Powerless to what has been – what we have done.
Get the fuck away from me.
A love life in quarantine,
Or it could just be winter again.

Rosea Mare

Nose bleeds in the kitchen sink,
I’m out here lost in the unison of white.
This is. This is. This is.
This is a beautiful moment
For me. For me. For me.
Spit the clot.
Here I am spread open for you.
Make. Make me sick. Make me useless.
Just parasites awaiting stimulus.
It doesn’t exist, but sure enough, it always happens.
Shackled to your throat,
Blinding and timeless,
I’m just a carcass,
Until we collide again.
It’s one hundred years per hour here,
Bitten by a ghost drenched in whatever’s black.
Loosen up your Bible belt; we’re taking this one underground.
I still love the way your violence tasted.

Siamese Jesus

I hate feeling.
I hate breathing.
I hate knowing.
I hate living
Like this, because I know that this is pointless.
A bittersweet release, heredity polluting me.
A Hollywood bloodline
Hacking phlegm from the heart.
A Hollywood bloodline
Hacking phlegm from the heart.
Paid in toxins. Paid in toxins.
Drifting, drifting, but not asleep, oh no.
I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m just not me anymore.
I’m not me anymore.
I’m not me anymore.
No cure for forever.
A king of dirt and rust.
A primitive response to illogical thoughts.
WHOAH! Yeah!
Half the distance bleeds twice as long.
WHOAH! Yeah!
Carnal impulses withdrawn.
We are all
Products of
Products of expired
Products of expired products.
A Hollywood bloodline
Hacking phlegm from the heart.
A Hollywood bloodline
Hacking phlegm from the heart.
There’s no nurture without nature.
Every day I sit and wonder,
“When will this grime coated helix
Structure erode?”
This is a not a thing we come back from.
My code ends here.
Burnt by the sun.
Locked outside the gates.
Take from me my blood.
Erase all that I was.


They only love you when your life’s on the line
But when you’re gone it was a matter of time
Well fuck me for trying
I’m fucking useless for buying
Into a hope you’d try to keep me alive

I’m always reaching out
But no one’s reaching in
I always bleed for sympathy
But to you it never broke the skin

I always beg for forgiveness
For things i didn’t fucking do
Well you never made time for me
Why should i lose sleep over you

You’ve got better things to do
You have to push me aside
Cause i’m a chore for you
I’m too much to even try
I guess i deserve it

I can’t ask forgiveness
I can’t ask for shit
I ask for a connection
I get isolation

All i want is someone to fucking talk to
No one cares if i’m fine
They only care when they feel guilty
They only care when they’re already out of time

Everytime i try to do something with my life that i want to do
You throw it back in my face because it doesn’t mean shit to you
If you don’t give a fuck about my life then stay out of it stay the fuck out of it
You greedy motherfucker

Every Time you need help it’s beck and fucking call
But when i need it it’s my head against the wall


Desire fades to yesteryear when the master whispers into my ear
A crown of thorns, my mind to spear, the blood pouring out dripping down like tears
I’m filling up on resentment running over with what you tempted
Spit mud between broken teeth
Another chip on my shoulder like a vessel at your feet

Words of reason drone into the distance
Burning venom biting straight into my veins
My helping hands stay numb and broken

Nothing was made before you but eternal things
And I suffer eternally

Let me pass between lepers
Serpent infect me with poison

Let the fire pour down your throat and drain
The only good parts of you left
In that hollow fucking body
Self sadistic servant to your own shaky morals

Lose grip on the real world
Judge those who take pity
Another excuse for a lack of control
You don’t like yourself with your demons exposed
Taking everything was never enough
Now you’re forced on your stomach swallowing the dust


They always smile and wish you the best
But when you go to shake hands they put a knife in your chest
Parasyte to the host drained and left like the rest just like the rest
But when you let go you wither act deprived and bereft
Chain tied tight choking cutting my breath
Can you live your life without leaching off of your guest
My time my life is not your test

It’s always my fault when things don’t go your way
Dig me down further and further but please you don’t have to stay
What more can i say? What do you want me to say?
My voice pours over you shut me out just stay the fuck away

Caustic carcinogenic
Putting your life into something you change your mind and forget it
Casuist casualty
When your guns all point back you’ll blame this all on me

No more trust
I gave you enough
No more disguise
Maybe humans are the closest thing to demons alive

Let me exist for myself
You’re vicariously living my personal hell
Divest who i am
Lament about your own life while mine slips through my hands
Transgressor trespasser
Encroacher backstabber
Forcing yourself through the cracks in the glass
You make me wish every breath that i take is the last


I can’t survive this
I have nothing left
No more
Trials and
Arbitrate agony
No more
Dead end paths

Stoic malice
Another round in the chamber
Phobic solace
I’m the only one to blame here

The right hand of god only pushes me deeper
Left hand path swallow me and beleaguer

And i swore that things would change
But i can’t even promise myself without the pain

I should have never
Myself I
Built this maze around my
Cell Torture
All Radiate
Til i’m gone
Torment suffer
Til i’m gone
Self made
Til i’m gone
Last martyrdom

Album Credits

All songs written and performed by The Color Nothing

© The Color Nothing 2017

Guest vocals by:

Cody Canning of Depreciator (Permadeath/Welcomed Ends, Rosea Mare, Siamese Jesus)
Billy Applegate of Parch (Geometric Dilemma, Rosea Mare)
Dan Smith of The Greatest Virtue (Permadeath/ Welcomed Ends, Geometric Dilemma, Rosea Mare)
Bill Smith of The Greatest Virtue (Permadeath/Welcomed Ends, Rosea Mare)

All songs produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ –

Artwork by Widy Adnaya (DekWeed) –