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Remix Contest


Our pal, producer and DIY guru, Jesse Cannon, recently taught a DIY mastering workshop via creativeLIVE, a really ingenious platform that allows users to watch live streams of workshops taught by industry professionals across a range of topics. The workshops are free to stream after signing up, and you only pay if you’d like access the workshop after the stream.

This week, Jesse is doing it again, this time, teaching a 3-day workshop on mixing fundamentals for rock and EDM. Wednesday February 12th through Friday February 14th, creativeLIVE will be hosting these 7-hour long workshops, covering everything from setting up sessions the right way to listening techniques to best practices regarding compression and EQ. The sessions run from 9am to 4pm Pacific Time each day. The class is free  to watch during those hours, and only $99 for anytime access – definitely worth the price for a combined 21-hour session.

Jesse and creativeLIVE have been kind enough to feature some of our tracks during the workshop, so to make working alongside the tutorials easier, we have made our EP stems downloadable. We encourage anyone watching the class to use  our stems to practice along.

Also, since we are making our stems available to everyone, we would like to announce a remix contest. Anyone who is interested in remixing our stuff, simply do the following:

  1. Download our stems.
  2. Make an awesome remix.
  3. Email us the file or link at

It’s that simple. We’ll feature anyone who puts in the effort to make something cool from our stems. And we’ll choose the best remix and feature it on our next release. Let’s see what you can do!


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