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NULL/VOID Split Release Date

We would say that you’re not ready for this, but that would be a lie. We know that we’ve kept you waiting for far too long. The good news is that your patience is about to be rewarded. We have worked extremely hard to write 4 new songs that top anything you’ve heard from us previously. We are extremely proud of these songs, and hope that they have the same impact on you that they do on us.

We’ve been trying extra hard to keep this a secret, because we’ve been working with our good friends in Depreciator who also brought their A game and wrote 4 new songs that are heavy beyond belief. We’re honored to have collaborated with them on this. If you enjoy what we create, you’re going to love what they have in store for you.

Our new album NULL/VOID is an 8 song split. It will be available for stream and digital download on all major platforms on October 31st. Physical copies as well as digital downloads will also be for sale at

Our side was produced and the whole split was mastered by the masterful Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger at Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios, who really helped make our vision sound the best it could. Once again, the super talented Widy Adnyana at Dek Weed designed the album art, and it is the perfect visual representation of what we and Depreciator have sonically delivered to you on this album.

Get ready.

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